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Diagnosed with
HAE in 1997

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Meet Alex, a Takeda Patient Ambassador

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Hi, my name’s Alex. I’m from Florida, and I was diagnosed with hereditary angioedema about three to four years ago. My, my story’s a little unusual in that, um, I have to kinda set the stage in that I have an identical twin brother, who is in law enforcement in New York and had an attack on his way to work. He gets to work, and he’s swollen, and uh, so obviously people in his office call an ambulance, and they get him rushed to the hospital. He was fortunate enough that there was a specialist who was in town, who was nosey, he just kinda stuck his head into the ER and figured out, uh, what he had and knew what he had. And so he was able to get tested and was confirmed with hereditary angioedema. Um, about two weeks after that, he texted me, and we talked and had a phone conversation, and he said, you know “You need to find a doctor and confirm.” And I was fortunate enough to, um, make contact with an immunologist who’s, um, really well versed. I was not his first HAE patient. That was when I was officially made aware of hereditary angioedema. My main focus with HAE is really men’s health and men’s awareness, um, and to get the word out about HAE. Um, your health is so important. You need to be there for your families and your loved ones and the only way you can do that is being in the know. So knowledge is power. Get to a physician, talk to your doctor, get tested.