Dariela, patient living with HAE.

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Dariela, living with HAE

How does HAE really affect you?

There's more to your hereditary angioedema (HAE) story than your HAE attacks. This assessment tool is designed to help you better understand the impact HAE has on your daily life so you can talk about it with your doctor. Together, you can work on creating the HAE management plan that's right for you.

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Let's give your doctor an idea of how you currently treat HAE attacks.

How often do you use on-demand HAE treatment?

Every HAE attack may be different, but your doctor will want to know what your attacks are like. Select all answers that best describe your experience.

One way to help your doctor understand how HAE affects you is to talk about the impact it has on your daily activities.

Which of the following does HAE interfere with?

Select all that apply:

How often do you cancel or change plans due to an HAE attack or fear of an attack?

HAE can be unpredictable. How do you try to deal with that unpredictability?

Select all that apply:

How satisfied are you with your current HAE management plan?

You're all set!

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Hopefully, filling out this assessment has helped you see a little more clearly how HAE affects you. Review your answers with your doctor so together, you can create the right HAE management plan for you. Download your PDF or sign up to have it sent straight to your inbox.

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Find an HAE doctor

Because it's a rare disease, finding doctors who treat it can be a challenge. The US Hereditary Angioedema Association can help you locate doctors who have experience helping patients manage HAE.

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