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Diagnosed with
HAE in 1997

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Inheriting HAE

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My name is Chaeli, and I was diagnosed when I was nine. I had watched my mother grow up with HAE, and back in those early days it was really challenging for her because there wasn’t a lot available. And so once I had gotten my diagnosis, I knew that the same challenges and struggles that she, I had watched her have, that um, I would potentially have those same challenges. I’ll never forget the day I had my first attack. It was in my face and it was my first year of college and I woke up. I went to go look in the mirror and all of a sudden like my eyes were swollen shut. I couldn’t see anything. So I called my mom and I said “Hey Mama, it’s here. My face is swollen.” And of course, like any good mother she rushed to come and get me. And, because she had been dealing with it, her allergist knew what is was. So we didn’t have to go, for me, through that discovery of trying to find someone who could treat it. When my mother was going through her struggle with HAE, there wasn’t a lot of treatments available, and so she was very limited in, in what she could do. My experience was different or is different because when I had my first attack there were more options available, and I was able to get treatment right away.