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Diagnosed with
HAE in 1997

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Meet Lesa, a Takeda Patient Ambassador

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Hi I’m Lesa. I live in southeast Georgia and I’m a wife and mother, and I have hereditary angioedema. My family’s very supportive and my friends are very supportive. Um, most people don’t understand it, especially if they can’t see it. I mean, if your hand is huge and swollen then you can say ‘look!’ and then they get it. But if it’s inside anywhere, uh they don’t get it ’cause they can’t see it. Everyone has different triggers, some’s food, some’s stress, some’s hormones. We’re all different and HAE is triggered by a number of things. I love yardwork and sometimes I could get out and work in the yard and not get any attack, and then sometimes I would get swelling in my back and in both my hands and ya know everywhere, so it’s very unpredictable. I love to travel, but it’s very difficult with HAE. I went to see my son in New York for five days, and three of those five days I was laid up in my room. And the first day I got there I was good, the last day I was there I was good, so I missed most of it. It’s very important to work with your doctor, um, to be properly diagnosed, and um if you think you have HAE and you have the HAE symptoms, get tested.