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"I don't hide my HAE. I no longer try to live up to the "tough guy" standard."

Alex — Diagnosed with HAE in 2014

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Watch these helpful videos to hear stories from people with hereditary angioedema (HAE) and learn from their personal experiences.

  • Liz talks about her HAE diagnosis.

    Meet Liz, a Shire Patient Ambassador

    Liz is a wife, mother, sister and daughter with HAE. Before her diagnosis, she spent years searching for something to explain her mysterious symptoms.

  • Lesa has 10 family members with HAE, too.

    Meet Lesa, a Shire Patient Ambassador

    Lesa was diagnosed with HAE along with 10 other members of her family. See her story and learn from her personal experiences.

  • Lesa is thankful that she attended a Shire event.

    Why attend an event? Hear from Lesa

    Hear why Shire events are important to Lesa.

  • Liz and her older sister both have HAE.

    HAE and sisterhood

    Liz and her older sister both have HAE. Hear how their shared symptoms shaped their lives and strengthened their bond.

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